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Business Valuation

There is no formula to determine the value of a business. Companies, like the processes used to value them, are complex. By its nature, the value determination reached in a business appraisal is ultimately an opinion. To ensure our opinions are the strongest possible, we must understand the critical aspects that drive the value of a business as well as the risks it faces and use the best techniques to determine how those drivers will impact the company’s future profitability.

A business is worth what its future cash flows are worth today, so researching the industry and the business’s future expectations is critical to determining a business’s value today. Our breadth of industry knowledge and practical experience can provide valuable insights when making these assessments.

The theory behind the appraisal of businesses and their assets is well-founded in academic publications and empirical studies based on public markets. While public markets provide the foundation of the valuation methods used to appraise a private business, there is no public market available to validate the conclusion of the value of a private company. Consequently, we must use our years of experience and up-to-date training to ensure we properly use recognized valuation methodologies which, when combined with rigorous analysis of the business, form the underlying foundation of our valuation.

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