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Expert Testimony

Robert Alexander has provided expert testimony in business-to-business civil litigation for over twenty years. He has testified in depositions and trials on more than sixty occasions covering a wide range of types of litigation, circumstances, and types of damages. Others on his team have experience providing expert testimony in personal injury, bankruptcy, and other types of litigation.

Preparation is key. Finders of fact, whether they are juries, judges, special masters, or arbitration panels, are charged with resolving disputes but often have varying experiences with the financial aspects of cases. A key to successful expert testimony is the ability to explain complex information understandably. Avoiding accounting jargon and instead using language and analogies that the judge and jury are familiar with, helps keep them engaged and makes the financial data, damages calculations, and potential financial impacts more understandable.

Drawing on years of experience, thinking clearly under pressure and remaining calm in unexpected situations are all vital skills that underlie our work on the stand.