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Litigation Support

Robert Alexander and his team bring decades of experience to the table in providing litigation support. They have determined economic damages across a broad spectrum of cases, including lost profits, breach of contract, patent and copyright infringement, construction defects, failed software implementations, disputed legal fee distributions, failure of fiduciary responsibility, criminal tax evasion, and the adequacy of a music royalty agreement.

When performing economic damages analyzes, Alexander CPA’s team, using their experience and specialized education and training, dig deep into the financial documents and facts of the case to get a clear understanding of the relevant issues necessary to solve the puzzles that litigation can present. They seek to understand the various aspects of the particular business and industry to gain a better perspective and critical insight into the elements that may be important to their work and to the case.

Alexander CPA’s team strives to provide the best possible advantage for their clients using tested methodologies, principles, the facts of each case, and their specialized knowledge. Working closely with legal counsel, they do their utmost to ensure their damages calculations are performed following applicable court rules, regulations, and case law to deliver comprehensive damages analyzes that produce reliable results that can withstand challenges.