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Alexander CPA LLC provides services that are complementary but distinctly different.

For over 25 years, Robert Alexander and the Alexander CPA team have focused on litigation support, expert witness services, and business valuation. These services require a thorough investigation and understanding of the underlying of the businesses or events involved. They require the application of special techniques, the use of significant judgment by the professional – such that two equally qualified individuals can sometimes reach quite different conclusions.

This type of judgment means that we must withstand challenges to our work as a routine part of an engagement. Most critically, we must defend our position, decisions, and conclusions in a way that convinces others that our approach, analysis, and conclusions are correct.

Litigation Support

Helping you build your case with confidence.

Expert Testimony

It's not just the numbers-it's how you make the numbers understandable, tell the story about the case, and convincingly support your opinion.

Business Valuation

You've spent years building your business-we'll help you understand its value.